Answered By: Anne Grant
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Call numbers should be read from left to right (just like a book). At every step, you will try to find the one that matches with the call number you got from the catalog.

  1. Look at the very first letter(s) to find a match
                     D52         DA389      DB4
                .K96        .R23         .M45
                2008        2002        1999

  2. Look at the numbers between the first letter(s) and the decimal point to find a match             M45         M458        M2641
                .J368        .G39        .R77
                2001         2007       1999

  3. Look at the letter after the decimal point to find a match
                HQ2268   HQ2268   HQ2268
                .A25        .B489      .N24
                1998        2006       2000

  4. Look at the numbers beside that letter to find a match
                TA2         TA2         TA2
                .G33        .G34        .G346
                1985        2006       2000
    Having trouble? Try adding zeros to the end until the numbers are the same length (.330, .340, .346)

  5. If you need to, look at the last line (usually the year of publication)
                PS1453   PS1453   PS2469
                .E61        .E612     .G59
                1998       2002      2001